Dressed & Shaken
Michael Lett, Auckland, New Zealand. 
7 September - 6 October 2007

Eve Armstrong - Run off
Run Off, metal shelving, metal display hooks, clotheshorse, metal storage racks, plastic storage racks, plastic filing trays, pegboard, chrome towel rail, chrome stool base, chrome rubbish bin, plastic rubbish bin, plastic bucket, Perspex tube, carpet, plastic plant pots, carpet protector, Tupperware lids, plastic bowls, towels, ice pack, pot plant (Rhipsalis Capilliformis) (2007)

Eve Armstrong - Clearout
Clearout, rubbish bag, air, storage rack (2007)

Eve Armstrong - Cutbacks
Cutbacks, metal shelving unit, retail display panels (2007)

Eve Armstrong - Dressed and Shaken
Dressed & Shaken, Installation view (2007)

Eve Armstrong - Holding Pattern
Holding Pattern, portable plastic plant holder, wooden mug stands, artificial tree bases, oasis,
bamboo skewers, masking tape on ceramic pot, rolled cork matting, cork coasters (2007)

Eve Armstrong - Get-Go
Get-Go, rubbish bag, rubbish bin, placemat, polystyrene, tissues, paper (2007)

Images courtesy of Michael Lett

Auckland Art Fair
Michael Lett stand, Auckland, New Zealand. 
18-20 May 2007

Eve Armstrong - Gush
Arrangement: Gush, cardboard, packing tape, plastic bags, foam, furniture, carpet, lino, found objects, approx 3000 x 5000 x 3500mm overall (2007)

Image courtesy of Michael Lett

Contemporary Projects, City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand.
11 August - 4 November 2007

Eve Armstrong - Hunch
Hunch, Installation view (2007)

Image courtesy of City Gallery Wellington.

3rd Auckland Triennial, Auckland, New Zealand. 
9 March - 3 June 2007

Eve Armstrong - Trading Table Sign

Eve Armstrong - Trading Table Poster

Eve Armstrong - Turbulence

Eve Armstrong - Trading Table

Eve Armstrong - Trading Table

Eve Armstrong - Turbulence
Trading Table, various sites throughout central Auckland (2007)

Images courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery

COMFORT ZONE and Reading Room
Te Tuhi Centre for The Arts, Auckland, New Zealand. 
12 May – 17 June 2007

Eve Armstrong - Comfort Zone Prototype
Comfort Zone Prototype, second-hand furniture, carpet underlay, transparent pvc sheeting (2007)

Eve Armstrong - In and Out
In and Out, photographic images on adhesive vinyl, packing tape (2007)

Images courtesy of Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts

Contact: evearmstrong99@gmail.com or through Michael Lett: www.michaellett.com